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I have a legacy app that uses mongodb, even though I would prefer it didn’t. I’d like to transition its front end to fulcro. Would the path be straight forward or no?


@uwo It is storage agnostic, but the graph-based queries need to be interpreted either at the networking layer on the client or by the server. If you can use Clojure on the back-end, and are good at manipulating data then it should be pretty easy.


you don’t have to use Clojure on the back-end, but you do have to be able to convert the graph queries/results into the proper form somewhere.

aj taylor18:09:43

Slight tangent but just wanted to say it was great listening to you on the defn podcast this morning to hear more about fulcro. Very interesting and insightful @tony.kay


@aj can you send the link? I would like to listen to that 🙂


thank you 🙂