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I have troubles getting hot-reloading, or rather re-rendering, to work in a project I am converting from lein-figwheel. Figwheel rebuilds my pages, flashes the loading icon and prints to the console that it loads my updated namespaces. But the re-render does not happen. I have ^:figwheel-hooks on the namespace and a function designated with ^:after-load. But this function never seems to be called, I've added a printing to it, that never reaches the console. I'm comparing with a fresh project from the template, and can't really see where I do something different... Anyone knows where to go looking for what I've missed?


I found a difference. I was using figwheel-main 0.2.1 and the template is using 0.1.9. If I downgrade, things start to work.


It also works if i use 0.2.0


AAAAAnnnd, if i use 0.2.3 it also works. Never mind me. 😃


OK. So back with another mystery. I have a ring-handler serving dynamic pages (rum server-side). It can serve the / root as well, but whatever I do, it I always either get served my public/index.html (if that one is present), or the figwheel default index html code (if I remove my index.html). This happens even if use the example Host Page handler from What could be triggering this behaviour?


(The Host Page example works wonderfully in the template project)