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Brian Abbott00:05:12

It would be cool if figwheel could throw a notification on browser caching... Basically, watch what its streaming down to the browser, diff the dom, if the dom isnt inline with what was streamed down, throw a "Potential Cache 'Code-Hiding' Warning" Just wasted a day assuming it was my bad/noob clojure coding skills when it turned out to be browser caching... Which... brings me to a whole other question (totally unfig related).... when/where/why does the browser suddenly decide to cache and keep the cache. I am working on a simple feature -- the same across multiple components in our system. In the first few instances of applying it, it worked no problem but, in this one, the browser decided to cache a previous peice of code I wrote and hang on to it... leading me to believe I had a bug in my code that I didnt understand. However, the final implementation code is the same for each instance Ive applied it to -- save for an on-click handler -- ive taken the same process each time to developing it and, in all instances but this one, it was never cached but, this time it was.