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Logan Powell14:04:33

👋 Hello everyone! I I've hit a snag - I'm not sure it's a problem with figwheel, but I've found some related issues in the figwheel github - but can't find out what I'm doing wrong... I have started a new chestnut project and my browser is still rendering the old project :thinking_face: very strange. Any pointers?

Logan Powell14:04:27

@mkvlr Thank you! Let me give your guidance a shot.

Logan Powell14:04:24

do I set this in the :figwheel setting in project.clj?


@loganpowell I think you have to check you’re using the latest figwheel version, that change was fairly recent

Logan Powell14:04:45

I'm a newb to clojure(script) I just started (and downloading the libraries) a couple months ago

Logan Powell14:04:55

how do I check the figwheel version?


should be in your project.clj


latest should be 0.5.15

Logan Powell14:04:50

ah, it must be the chestnut configuration is out of date: it's set to 0.5.11

Logan Powell14:04:14

I'll change it! Thank you @mkvlr 🙏