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looking for pointers on how to debug a cryptic “eval timed out, stack trace unavailable” error for my figwheel repl running in cursive. any pointers on how to go about debugging that?


my repl seems to choke up for whatever reason, after a certain point won’t finish evaluating even simple forms like (def test “hello”)


on figwheel/sidecar 0.5.9 if that helps at all


issue seems to be from trying to evaluate any calls to cljs.spec.test/instrument or cljs.spec.test/test, which then chokes up the repl and makes every successive call (to instrument/test or not) time out

Oliver George22:02:59

In the past I've seen figwheel choke on serialising very large amounts of data. One technique of used is to wrap (do ... nil) around.

Oliver George22:02:45

Typical case it came up was doing swap! On a complex app atom as part of some debugging.

Oliver George22:02:51

Actually come to think in my experience, spec.test in the browser can be computational intensive enough to trigger the browsers defence mechanisms too

Oliver George22:02:07

I'm some of my experiments. I put it down to complex generators which produced nested data... Collections of maps…


yep that sounds very similar