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Rafael Gil11:11:19

Hi everyone! I've posted this in the beginners channel and was advised to ask this here: I'm starting learning clojurescript and I'm setting up my development environment. My dev environment is a remote box running Spacemacs, so my idea is to run the clojurescript repl in that box connected to a browser in another machine. I've tried the default "browser" repl without success (even changing the "host" to my IP instead of "localhost") I've also tried figwheel (using the "flappybird" example) but the browser tries to connect to a websocket on "localhost" again. So my question is: how do I change the host on figwheel to my host instead of always pointing to localhost? I've tried setting :connect-url, :server-ip, :ring-server-options {:host} on project.clj but none of that worked 😞 Thanks!

Rafael Gil11:11:20

Oh, nevermind, found the issue: just needed to set the :conect-url on a new file called figwheel-main.edn. That worked 🙂