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Daniel Schlaug12:07:52

@bhauman Almost up and running! So happy to have figwheel’s nice compile warnings again! Made me think of one thing that’s been bugging me though. It seems that compile warnings are only shown once for each problem. Is there any way to get them to bug me on each recompile?


@daniel975 here’s the deal with that, if the file that the warning came from gets recompiled you get another warning. But the cljs compiler avoids recompiling files we don’t need to so things go much faster. Hence the trade off.

Daniel Schlaug20:07:34

Actually, I think this is quite a gotcha. Have you considered keeping a list of all files that had warnings in the last compile and touching those before doing an incremental compile?


An interesting thought

Daniel Schlaug13:07:24

That makes sense. I see a way to fix it of course but that might be more work than it’s worth.

Daniel Schlaug18:07:20

So trying the new react native support I’m getting [Error: Figwheel Bridge Unable to fetch optionsUrl: ] That path exists in target/public/ so I’m guessing the figwheel root is incorrectly configured. Before I dive into trying to find out what folder figwheel is actually serving from and how to change it; is there an obvious config mistake I’m doing?


@daniel975 target needs to be on the classpath


You may have to reload the app, as it may be a race condition

Daniel Schlaug18:07:38

I do have :paths ["src" "target"] in my deps.edn and I tried the path in the browser; it’s not resolving.

Daniel Schlaug19:07:47

@bhauman Ok, classpath was a good hint. I needed not only target but "target/public" on the classpath.


@daniel975 that’s a bug in the documentation


take the -r off of the command


Also target/public shouldn’t be the path


so that’s strange


OH that’s what you did thanks for the PR!

Daniel Schlaug21:07:41

I only took the -r off for the production command though. In dev target/public is what did the trick. This is what my target looks like so it does add in a public directory.


yeah but the figwheel server serves from the classpath/public


so something is amis


it looks like the server is now serving from the classpath period which is a problem

Daniel Schlaug16:07:03

Something is definitely amiss. I’m now getting the same error even with “target/public” in my path. Removing it doesn’t help but removing and then adding it back makes everything work again.


@daniel975 yeah there is something wrong with your setup.

Daniel Schlaug15:07:37

Sorry for the delay, my son was born 10 days ago. 😊 In the end it seems completely removing target from the classpath and allowing figwheel to add it dynamically works reliably.



😁 3

are you using ring-stack-options?