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Good morning, I’ve built a brand new figwheel-main project with Clojure 1.10.1 and ClojureScript 1.10.597, FigWheel Main 0.2.3. On startup I’m seeing this:


[Figwheel:WARNING] Compile Warning target/public/cljs-out/dev/figwheel/repl.cljc line:610 column:6 Use of undeclared Var goog.log/warn 605 (defn set-log-level [logger' level] 606 (if-let [lvl (get log-levels level)] 607 (do 608 (.setLevel logger' lvl) 609 (debug (str "setting log level to " level))) 610 (glog/warn (str "Log level " (pr-str level) " doesn't exist must be one of " ^--- 611 (pr-str '("severe" "warning" "info" "config" "fine" "finer" "finest")))))) 612 613 (defn init-log-level! [] 614 (doseq [logger' (cond-> [logger] 615 (exists? js/figwheel.core)


Seems benign, since I’m not doing anything with log levels.


I had this as well, then it disappeared. I think what might have changed was that I moved some dependency from extra-deps to deps in my deps.edn.


but I really don't know ¯\(ツ)


It comes back with a lein clean as you might expect. Perhaps it’s a very recent change to Clojure[Script]: the FW docs still refer to Clojure 1.9 I think.


In case anyone’s interested: I’ve done a rewrite of a demo project for THREE.js 3D graphics from ClojureScript. Figwheel Main based, with Stuart Sierra’s Component library to sanitize the reloading.

Quentin Le Guennec18:04:13

Hello, I am getting a lot of unwanted log information after I start my figwheel application. It seems to comes from the underlying figwheel http server. The log level is huge and I'm not interested in any of it. The origin namespace is org.eclipse.jetty

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Quentin Le Guennec18:04:29

Any ideas? Also, it slows down my application a lot.