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Hey folks I've been using figwheel-main with the default template for a while: but now I just found a problem. I'd like to specify {:closure-defines {goog.DEBUG false}} for my prod build but the templates only has one dev build. If I add a prod.cljs.edn configuration then the index.html will get confused because it stills tries to load the dev.cljs.edn configuration. The way the template does it is to supply a -O advanced before compiling the dev build. But there seems to be no way to specify a closure-define before building the dev config. I find it hard to use the template since it doesn't clearly separate dev, test and prod, and reading the documentation for the command flags is a struggle too. There are not many examples of people using fighweel-main and the few that exist have an entire folder full of scripts that copy around the index.html files which to me defeat the purpose of having a build tool. Can anyone help a brother out please? 🙂