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I'm having trouble finding clear documentation on figwheel-main for nodejs development. That might mean it doesn't exist. Does anyone have any tips on how to set up such a project?

eccentric J02:02:30

@mathpunk I’m writing a cljs-cli template for lein figwheel, figwheel-main, and shadow-cljs. It’s not totally done yet but I just pushed up the figwheel-main setup it will generate. You should be able to clone it and immediately start working with it. Clone it and run lein fig:build then node --inspect target/js/compiled/my-test-project.js

eccentric J14:02:26

figwheel main is unable to compile my tests even though the app source runs when I use fig:build

No such namespace: fs, could not locate fs.cljs, fs.cljc, or JavaScript source providing "fs" in file figwheel-example/src/my_test_project/core.cljs {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}