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Christian Johansen22:01:37

how do I configure devcards with figwheel-main?

Christian Johansen22:01:57

my cards don't seem to render

Christian Johansen22:01:17

with leiningen I use :devcards true, but it is unclear where to place this with fighweel-main

Christian Johansen22:01:43

I've done the equivalent of this:

Christian Johansen22:01:46

:extra-main-files {:tests    {:main hello-world.core-tests}
                   :devcards {:main hello-world.devcards}}

Christian Johansen22:01:11

and the result is:

Christian Johansen22:01:45

which both includes the default template, and fails to render the cards required from the ns being rendered


^{:extra-main-files {:devcards {:main react-hitch.devcards-runner}
                     :test     {:main react-hitch.test-runner}}
  :watch-dirs       ["src" "test" "devcards"]}
{:main     react-hitch.qui-tracker
 :devcards true}


it goes in the compiler options. the meta data is for figwheel but you need the compiler aware of devcards. You can see this in the devcards macro which will emit nothing without this compiler flag

Christian Johansen22:01:58

thought I tried that before, but I guess not 🤷


the extra mains all use the same build but are just different entry points. so all builds will be devcards builds


i stumbled around in this for a while too 🙂

Christian Johansen22:01:24

would be good to just put this explicitly in the figwheel-main docs and/or the devcards docs


if you put together some doc that would help you out i'm sure bruce would accept a PR. He seems busier these days so if you get it down to a button click for him i'm sure it would be welcome

Christian Johansen22:01:00

yeah, I probably should