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hello, does anyone know how to overwrite output-dir and output-to? my figwheel works, but currently compiles my js into resources/public/cljs-out/app and resources/public/cljs-out/app-main.js. I'll like it to compile to resources/public/js/out and resources/public/js/app.js respectively. I've already set

:output-to "resources/public/js/compiled/app.js"
:output-dir "resources/public/js/compiled/out"
in my project.clj, but I'm still getting the defaults. I'm using leiningen btw


would also appreciate it if anyone could point me to the replacement for :on-jsload? i can't find it in the documentation and might have missed it


Hi! I have ^{:css-dirs ["target/public/css"] ...} {:main ...} in my dev.cljs.edn and the following in :profiles :dev in project.clj: :resource-paths ^:replace ["target" "resources/dev" "resources"]. However, my CSS files do not appear to be reloaded when I touch target/public/css/site.css. Why could that be?


echo >> target/public/css/site.css is also not picked up by Figwheel.


And when reloading the page I suddenly get a whole load of these:

[Figwheel CSS Reload] loaded ["target/public/css/site.css"] console.js:203:20
log:loaded ["target/public/css/site.css"] logger.js:367:5 


It appears I have to restart figwheel to make the new CSS show up properly.