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Is there a tool/API for loading figwheel-main configuration from lein's project.clj map? I'd like to see if I can keep all build configuration in one place (project.clj). Or is the idea to create aliases which pass arguments to lein run -m figwheel.main ARG...?


I've been reading through the most excellent documentation on, and some past blog/wiki posts. Excuse me if I missed something.


I had a build set up with #lein-figwheel and want to use figwheel-main going forward.


No that’s not possible unless you make a custom script and read the project clj yourself


Got it. Thanks! I'll explore further. The lein alias route could be what I need, and I'll take another look at figwheel-main.edn. I find lein productive but will keep Clojure CLI tooling in mind as an alternative.


hi folks, esp @bhauman! I have probably weird question — I'm writing tool that targets js development (funny, right) and decided to go with figwheel for hot reloading and other extras. I have the problem that I need to pre-process the js source before it gets to the closurescript compiler and I can't find good spot to plug in. the best spot so-far is the pre-build-hooks where I can get my job done, but I'd prefer if I got the list of the changed files so I preprocess only them. reading the source it seems

could easily pass that info to the hook. Any reason not to do that?