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I am getting Caused by: clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Figwheel: Unable to dynamicly load figwheel.server.jetty-websocket/run-server {:not-loaded figwheel.server.jetty-websocket/run-server}. I have added exactly the same :dev dependencies to my project that the figwheel-main template has.


Is this because some of my earlier dependency if removing this websocket server?


Found the reason. Should have set :pedantic? :abort from the start.


@narendraj9521 was it a transitive dep?


ring-core and compojure were fetching different versions of jetty-webserver. I think.


Setting up fighweel-main in a project that is not derived from a template and using it with cider is not easy yet.


Now, the launched browser page is not finding my ClojureScript namespace.


I have a call to a function in my index.html that is served by my ring handler provided to figwheel-main with :ring-handler config option. I can see that the server is starting up and serving requests defined in the routes that I have. But for some reason, the call to the main ClojureScript function in index.html doesn't find the namespace and I get an error saying that the <ns> is undefined.