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@bhauman - cheers: I must have had typo somewhere. work like a charm for reagent with clj -A:fig:build and auto-testing as well as clj -A:fig:test and mac chrome headless


the new figwheel.main template has been deployed and it has testing built in

🎉 5
Christian Johansen12:09:14

hey, finally trying out figwheel-main. the new repl looks and behaves amazing!

Christian Johansen12:09:45

I am now trying to run figwheel-main in CIDER, and I can’t seem to find dedicated documentation - does anyone know of any?

Christian Johansen12:09:54

When I jack-in-cljs with this I kinda get a REPL, but I can only interact with it via a stdin: prompt in my minibuffer

Christian Johansen12:09:04

I guess maybe this is more of an emacs question…


@christian767 I found that with a current Cider everything "just works" once I removed all the little tweaks and hacks I had accumulated in my setup 🙂

Christian Johansen13:09:10

what does that mean - how do you set it up?

Christian Johansen13:09:21

just vanilla figwheel.main setup and then jack in?


minimal example that I have confirmed is working:

[email protected]:~/Utvikling/fikenhjul$ cat deps.edn 
{:paths     ["src/cljs" "target"]
 :deps      {org.clojure/clojure             {:mvn/version "1.9.0"}
             org.clojure/clojurescript       {:mvn/version "1.10.339"}

             com.bhauman/figwheel-main       {:mvn/version "0.1.9"}
             nrepl/nrepl                     {:mvn/version "0.4.4"}}
 :aliases   {:dev {:extra-deps  {com.bhauman/rebel-readline-cljs {:mvn/version "0.1.4"}}
                   :main-opts   ["-m figwheel.main --build dev --repl"]}}}
[email protected]:~/Utvikling/fikenhjul$ cat dev.cljs.edn 
^{:watch-dirs          ["src/cljs"]
  :open-file-command   "emacsclient" }
{:main              "fikenhjul.core"
 :output-dir        "target/public/js/out"
 :asset-path        "/js/out"
 :output-to         "target/public/js/fikenhjul.js"
 :optimizations     :none
 :pretty-print      true
 :source-map        true}



Christian Johansen13:09:33

thanks! will try it out


And I keep this in my .dir-locals.el to keep cider from asking too many questions:

   (cider-default-cljs-repl . figwheel-main)
   (cider-figwheel-main-default-options . ":dev")))

Christian Johansen13:09:07

that kinda gave me a REPL

Christian Johansen13:09:13

that immediately crashed with

Christian Johansen13:09:17

2018-09-07 15:40:09.119:INFO::nREPL-worker-0: Logging initialized @54319ms
Opening URL 
ExceptionInfo Expected REPL Connections Evaporated!  clojure.core/ex-info (core.clj:4739)


Does it work when launching from the cli?


do you have sayid installed in emacs?


no, I ask because it is known to cause problems


I use spacemacs, and I need to have

(setq cljr-inject-dependencies-at-jack-in nil)
  (setq sayid-inject-dependencies-at-jack-in nil)
in my emacs config to make the latest cider work

Christian Johansen13:09:11

with figwheel.main, or any kind of CIDER REPL?


Not sure, but I think that would go for any cider repl


there is a conflict with the clojure deps cider auto injects

Christian Johansen13:09:12

now I’m seeing another issue. If I kill the repl buffer, and then try to jack in again, I get “Selecting deleted buffer”


Not really. I always do M-x cider-quit


I'll try just killing it

Christian Johansen13:09:14

I usually kill the buffer, haven’t seen that error before

Christian Johansen13:09:33

googled it, seems like an error that pops up in various situations

Christian Johansen13:09:50

M-x cider-quit was not followed by that error


I didnt get the error when just killing the buffer. It started up again just fine

Christian Johansen13:09:13

which Emacs version?

Christian Johansen14:09:18

I’m on 26, that may be the difference

Christian Johansen14:09:32

anyway, it’s working great now, I also got it working with node, which was my target

Christian Johansen14:09:53

guessing that missing cljr-inject-dependencies-at-jack-in cost me the past two hours :man-shrugging:

Christian Johansen14:09:58

thanks a lot for your help!


great! Gotta run. Thank you for "Parens of the dead". It helped me get into Clojure 🙂

Christian Johansen14:09:55

I think that one was Magnar only, but cool to hear 🙂

Christian Johansen14:09:33

anyway, glad to have helped more people into it so they can help my sorry ass 😂


Really? I seem to remember you were pairing?

Christian Johansen14:09:35

I think we did the norwegian version together, and he did an English re-recording on his own


ah. it was called "Zombie cljs" perhaps. Its been a while 🙂