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Joshua Suskalo15:08:17

Hey @nbtheduke, since I'm online on slack for work these days, I figured I'd add a support channel here too.


thanks for the invite

Joshua Suskalo17:08:56

So one thing I'm experimenting with right now after hearing about some things from the other users here is extensions, kinda like feature flags in Rust.

Joshua Suskalo17:08:50

The implementation of this is basically going to be that I have some namespaces which are loaded dynamically in Clojure based on if certain other namespaces are available, but that you'll require manually in cljs to enable the features.

Joshua Suskalo17:08:19

The first of these extensions that I feel is necessary is to enable to work with farolero.

Joshua Suskalo17:08:39

Since the default behavior of flow is to catch all throwables and turn them into error values.

Joshua Suskalo17:08:55

But farolero.signal.Signal should be rethrown the instant it's caught to ensure that it can properly unwind.