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Bobbi Towers16:04:03

Merged, and it works! @magma.chambers go ahead and spec your ❤️ out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Chris Chambers18:04:09

@porkostomus Excellent, thanks very much 🙂 My spec solution passes, but my let* variant still doesn't, despite the update to babashka/sci @borkdude made here:

Chris Chambers18:04:08

Thanks very much for the change, btw: it'll be useful to get feedback on my specs once I make use of the mentoring option


@magma.chambers Updating to babashka 0.8.0 should fix let*


$ /usr/local/bin/bb --version
babashka v0.8.0
$ /usr/local/bin/bb -e '(let* [x 1] x)'

Chris Chambers19:04:31

@borkdude This isn't a local change I'd make, right? Exercism is running my tests on submission


@magma.chambers exercism should upgrade to bb 0.8.0 and then the let* problem should be solved

Bobbi Towers19:04:34

The test-runner image is on babashka/babashka:0.8.1-SNAPSHOT-alpine and this solution passes:

(defn hello []
  (let* [x "Hello, World!"] x))

Chris Chambers20:04:22

New error:

Could not find namespace: clojure.core.reducers.