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London Clojurians upcoming talks: We are now preparing a pipeline of talks for the next several months, then we will increase the frequency of our online talks to weekly talks. As usual, all our talks will be published on our YouTube channel and available free of charge. In the meantime, here is the list of the talks we have currently scheduled for the next couple of months and there will be many more to come. - 2023-05-30 - Clojure Goes Brrr: a quest for performance (by Oleksandr Yakushev) - ( - 2023-06-06 - Load testing stateful applications in Clojure (by Markus Hjort) - ( - 2023-06-13 - The jank programming language (by Jeaye Wilkerson) - ( - 2023-06-27 - Betting your company on Lisp: 5 years with Clojure in Prod (by Adam Tornhill) - ( - 2023-07-11 - Why you need Fulcro, the framework to build apps better, faster (by Jakub Holý) - (


Many thanks to @alin.posorovaschi and @kerron.parchment who recently joined the London Clojurians organisers' team and they are helping to organise more Clojure events for the community.!

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Daniel Slutsky19:05:06

Just announced the first meetup in a new series exploring Large Language Models in Clojure: Many thanks to @invertisment_clojuria for preparing the opening intro talk on a short notice. Many thanks also to @zygis118 for the good advice (and for preparing a following talk that will be announced soon).