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I'm thrilled to announce that the first-ever Clojure meetup in Korea, Songpa Clojure, was held successfully on 10th of June! 🎉 > Sessions : • Opening speech (Hyunwoo Nam, CTO at Greenlabs @namenu) • EDN (Sanghyun Kim @tlonist.sang) • Is Clojure code really difficult to read? (Yeono Park) • Clojure with Vim (Jongrib Lee) • Functor in Clojure (Hyojin Jang) • Clojure vs Elixir (Manyoung Han) > Youtube link : The meetup was hosted by, an agri-tech startup that uses Clojure for backend and ReScript for frontend. Greenlabs has 30+ full time passionate Clojure developers, and is still hiring more! We plan on doing this meetup regularly, constantly fueling up and developing the Clojure community in Korea. 🔥 🔥 Thanks for reading!

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