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Daniel Slutsky09:01:58

Recently we the idea to organize a group that would collaborate on tooling for literate programming and data visualization /exploration. Following that discussion and the responses at the, we are organizing the first meeting of that group. It will be a casual first meeting to feel out a direction and desired timings. See also #visual-tools at Slack and Zulip.

Daniel Slutsky08:01:22

Hi. Please note we just changed the hour, as a few of the friends could not make it earlier.


This is probably mostly of interest to people in Poland, but I’ll post this here for publicity. (I hope it’s on-topic; please delete if not!) I’m offering a series of one-on-one Clojure workshops (3 lessons, 90 mins each) as a fundraiser for the, the biggest charity in Poland. It’s non-profit for me – all the proceedings go to the charity. I’ve been programming Clojure since 2009. The workshop is mostly aimed at newcomers to Clojure, but even if you’ve been in the trade for a few years, I hope I can teach you something. 🙂 If you’re interested, you can find the description (in Polish, but Google Translate does a good job) and bid here: The current highest bid is 710 PLN (155 EUR / 175 USD).

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