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Daniel Slutsky11:11:46

Modern bridge between Clojure and Wolfram Language (Mathematica)—a call to action! A couple of months ago, @prnc reached out to Stephen Wolfram, who accepted the invitation to speak at re:Clojure. Following that, there has been an effort by @prnc and @metasoarous to revive the Clojure bridge to the Wolfram language. @reborg and @chris441 were also involved, and there were a couple of nice meetings with the Wolfram team. @prnc and I are considering an open meeting this Friday, to share the state of the project with a few people. Initial announcement: Tentative time: Please comment if you wish to join.

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Daniel Slutsky21:11:20

The Clojure-Wolframe-Language meeting will take place at Friday, 18:30 UTC, with @prnc and possibly @metasoarous. meeting details at the ml-study Zulip stream: