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Brian Abbott22:12:02

Hey everyone, as a reminder, we have an awesome event coming up on Tuesday, 12/15 - A solid Yuletide Log for all - Sean Corfield will do a live coding session to build a website from the ground up using the REPL. I’m going to keep intros and the overall super short so that we can maximize the time and there will be plenty of time for questions, comments, chill-talk at the end of the presentation. Here is the link to sign up/jump on the Zoom: 🙂 Yeah - BAM! parrot🙏🚀⛰️

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Is the presentation going to be recorded and available online after the event?

Brian Abbott18:12:21

100% - we’re going to do a slight delay function since Sean is also doing it for the Londoner’s in Jan.


Great, thanks!