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If folks would feel like retweeting this or sharing it in their company chats that'd be super appreciated! 🙏:skin-tone-2:

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or if retweeting is too much then a "like" is also great, Twitter's algorithms will do the rest 🙂

Vincent Cantin15:07:01

My tweeter timeline just happened to have an empty slot.

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Brian Abbott15:07:47

Does anyone know, are we having the Conj this year?

Brian Abbott15:07:46

We could probably get it to “safe” assuming we did the temp testing on the way in, did distance sitting and, mandated masks but, perhaps that makes it not worth it


I remember one of the cognitect team (maybe Alex) saying a few weeks ago that an in-person conj is definitely out for this year, and that they're exploring options.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:07:26

no plans for in-person confs this year

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:07:13

now that we've joined Nubank, that may affect plans too, not sure anyone has had the time to start talking about that yet

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:07:55

personally, I would love to see an online event later this fall

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Brian Abbott19:07:13

BTW: The Clojure-Provo group is doing a virtual meetup tomorrow night on Category Theory, I think it will be a lot of interest to this group. It is a basic intro style in a first-installment-of-a-series kind of overview. The plan is for a short meetup as its on a Friday (we usually do Tues). But, here is a link, sign up and join us for 30/45 minutes if you have time!

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will this be recorded?

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Brian Abbott03:08:43

Yes, I will upload it to the Clojure-Provo channel

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