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David Riley11:10:06

Hey guys and girls, does anyone know of any good Clojure events coming in London, UK in the next month or so?


There will be a Clojure meetup on 22nd November, not sure what the agenda will be…


>London, UK in the next month or so? In the "or so" area:

David Riley11:10:28

Thanks @U1Z4D5SSV - had a look at that once recently was hoping but something a bit sooner.

David Riley11:10:46

@U3SG7RX7A is there a webpage?


When it does get announced, it’ll be posted here: There are a bunch of dojos, about 4 per month, that take place in London. So there is that.


Yikes! :speaking_head_in_silhouette: Final Call for Proposals of the upcoming clojure conf in Berlin, :clojureD! 🔜 Just 1 week left. 😳 Let's get it on! :hugging_face: Stun the clojure crowd with your talk: Or buy a ticket and get stunned: :clojureD premiered in 2015 – so 2019 will be our 5th anniversary 🎂 – and quickly evolved to the biggest annual Clojure conference in Germany. Software developers from all over the world meet in Berlin to share new, amazing and mind-blowing ideas and techniques. Last time we were honored to welcome guest from 25 countries! 🎉 So you really get a chance to meet Clojurians from around the world! :flag-au::flag-at::flag-be::flag-br::flag-ca::flag-cz::flag-dk::flag-gq::flag-fi:🇫🇷:flag-ge:🇩🇪:flag-ie:🇮🇹:flag-nl::flag-pl:🇷🇺:flag-sk::flag-za:🇪🇸:flag-ch::flag-se::flag-ua:🇬🇧🇺🇸


It will be german ...