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The next ClojureBridge London event is on 28/29th September at Funding Circle. Please volunteer and help coach new developers the basics of Clojure Take a look at the ClojureBridge London workshop to see the content we cover (its all quite introductory and has a built in REPL environment)

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Next Helsinki Clojure Meetup takes place on Thursday 23.8. at 17:00 at Futurice Helsinki: Welcome!


What’s the story behind the art there? The words are excerpts from the first few verses of the Torah…

Panu Kalliokoski22:08:43

It's supposed to be a Lisp parse tree of those.

Panu Kalliokoski22:08:08

From : "It's the first three days of Creation, formatted as a LISP parse tree." I hope the religious reference is not offensive for anyone...

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Bobby Towers18:08:54

I used to study the Kabbalah, and now I write Lisp, and I have to say this is AWESOME


Ah OK that makes sense


FWIW I’m Jewish, traditionally observant, and reverential of the Torah, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest