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(Most) Talks for are now published and initial schedule is available. As one can see, the event will be bigger than ever before!

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Hey all- Would love your help sharing! I am a volunteer Co-Chair for Denver Startup Week. We are collecting applications for our 2nd annual Ambassadors Progam for Denver Startup Week. We will bring 50 awesome people (US residents) to Denver (ALL EXPENSES PAID - 3-day visit) during Denver Startup Week (September) this year to tour some of the most exciting tech companies in Denver, experience our tech environment, and network with local leaders. If you know highly talented out of state people (devs, product, design, business, execs, entrepreneurs, etc) that might be a good fit we’d love for them to apply here. Please share this link with your network and interested parties! Send me a note at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you have questions:


And this relates to Clojure...?


We first infiltrate Colorado start-ups then the world!


thinktopic may have beaten you to it


(Colorado, that is. I don’t think they’ve conquered the world yet…)