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gdeer81 Thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it. But maybe I should have used my words a little more carefully. I am doing very well. I worked a Clojure job for a little more than a year and I am now transitioning to another, even better Clojure job. And that is the reason I can't go. But I would very much like to help the Clojure community, so I would like to donate the ticket to anyone who's interested in going. Thank you again.


@johnasbaghi haha yeah, "change in employment status" is usually a euphemism for recently unemployed. Well then I guess congrats on the new job and good luck. 🙌


wow, wish i could get to austin by tomorrow


speaking of clojure jobs, is there a listing somewhere of companies that hire for clj? edit: found a few googling, nothing with very many listings 😕


@olslash: keep your eye on the #jobs and #remote-jobs channels here.