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What is the tentative schedule for Clojure/west? Are talks planned on Friday / Saturday (15-16)? The Marriott booking link on has 5 nights (12-16) selected by default.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)04:01:57

@karlis all talks are on Fri 15 / Sat 16. it's standard practice to also extend the block to the nights on either side for early arrivals / late departures

Alex Miller (Clojure team)04:01:19

there will be an intro workshop on 13-14th and probably at least one other workshop on the 14th


thanks for the info, Alex!


Hi, I would like to invite you to conference PolyConf in POZnan, Poland. It is a three-day conference on advanced web technologies for fans of polyglot thinking.


Whee, PolyConf. I kind missed out after since you've renamed from RuPy, but hopefully I won't this year.


Also, love the single track part; it sucks to miss out on a presentation if two you want to see are at the same time.


Functional Programming eXchange 2016 in London on 27th May is open for CfP if anyone fancies submitting a talk -


Is this a decent place to discuss Clojure/West talks?


@ghadi: there is also #C0K2Z0LDB