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I heard Justin Ghetland on the CogniCast saying that he is a big fan of the EuroClojure so it would be nice to see the beginnings of a plan…


well something then … maybe an idea of which country… when it will be announced ...


@raymcdermott: as Cognitect organise it now, maybe ask @alexmiller?


I came to this channel to find out some info … I don’t really want to nag people but I guess @alexmiller will see that he has been mentioned here (twice now!) so he might pop over and let us know what’s happening

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:27

@raymcdermott: we have been working on it but frustratingly have yet to find a venue (across multiple countries) that is not 3x what we paid last year. so we have not selected a location yet. we are as frustrated as you in not having more details yet.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:57

we are also looking at late summer/early fall dates as an option


@alexmiller: but make sure it doesn’t clash with my summer holiday plans! simple_smile

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:58

it's unlikely to be in july/august


@alexmiller: thanks for the insight, are the costs going up as you want to hire a larger venue?


@alexmiller: I know Croatia was an option for last year's conference -- if that's still an interesting destination for you, feel free to ping me, I'd be glad to help simple_smile

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:01:58

Lynn has been doing the search, so I'm not sure why things are more expensive


funny because it was a great venue last year in Barcelona which is not a notoriously cheap city; some of the EU peripheral countries (yes I also dislike the phrase) like Greece, Portugal and Eire are still in the financial doldrums so might offer some better deals and are still very accessible (@nikolap Croatia too - although it doesn’t fall in the same class as the others - fortunately!). But perhaps I’m stating the obvious


or maybe its because all of the EU venue owners now know that Clojure is so damn popular and that Cognitect, the multibn$ US megacorp is coming to town 😛


@raymcdermott: yep, I believe even the more expensive parts of Croatia (which would probably be the Adriatic coast during the time period Alex mentioned) could compete pretty well against Barcelona


I can offer you to host EuroClojure in Sofia (or Varna/Burgas) in Bulgaria, but I believe few people would be interested in this


guess we’re too peripheral simple_smile


sadly there are rarely big international events anywhere on the Balkans...


personally I am in favour of doing it in a "peripheral" country. Let's support our fellow Europeans who, due to no fault of their own, have ended up in not so favourable situations. ( to phrase it diplomatically)


just my 2€ cents


well, I can tell you one thing - you can’t find a place in the EU with cheaper beer and good food than BG 😉


Right.... In that case we are sorted. 😋


@bozhidar: budapest perhaps? 😉


it’s more expensive for sure


I’ve been there a couple of time


and it would make a great host for EuroClojure


somewhere by the riverside perhaps


june would give good distribution of clojure events in Europe: :clojureD (jan), Dutch Clojure Days (mar), EuroClojure (jun), ClojuTRE (sep?), ClojureX (dec).