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@here I'm in the process of finishing up my talk for EuroClojure but wouldn't mind customizing it to add things people might be interested in hearing about. The title is "Realtime collaboration with Clojure"


And the abstract: "At Atlassian we are currently building services to enable realtime collaboration in both new and existing products. Of all technologies we could have chosen from we picked Clojure and ClojureScript. In this talk I will share the reasons for this choice, the benefits of running Clojure both on the server and on the client-side as well as our clustering solution built on top of core.async."


I want to make it as interesting and practical as possible so people can take the most out of it simple_smile


@leonardoborges that is already really interesting to me! And (as an atlassian user) the abstract excites me ☺️


Interested to hear about these clustering solution!


Are you talking about a few of the libraries you're using? Strengths and weaknesses of them..


@leonardoborges: how do you deal with access to clojure programmers? Is this a greenfield effort or does it replace existing code?


@gjnoonan: tks! I'm definitely gonna touch on some of the libraries simple_smile


@slipset: this particular project is green field


@leonardoborges: that’s very interesting. We have a big Jira install base at my company, and it’s quite slow. Can you share what kind of realtime collaboration you’re planning to add ?