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Hey this is pretty interesting! The Selenium team has reached out to Etaoin devs re the WebDriver ecosystem: I'll respond. Anybody want to join me? Does anybody recognize specific pain points around WebDriver? Off the top of my head, I've struggled with: 1. Understanding the definition and behaviour of displayed-ness (this is clearly something Selenium team has struggled with too, but there are aspects of their choices I don't understand yet). 2. Understanding usage of Selenium atoms (these are JavaScript snippets) with a WebDriver. It seems that some WebDrivers use them internally and others do not. For consistency across WebDriver implementations, maybe we should be using them? At least for maybe item 1? 3. Wait support might be vastly improved by upcoming WebDriver BiDi spec, it would be interesting to learn more about that. 4. For whatever reason, stability of our tests is very good on Linux CI, but sporadic failures do occur on macOS and Windows. Has the Selenium team experienced the same? 5. I'm curious about the Selenium Grid WebDriver implementation. Should Etaoin include support for this? I could learn more by reading Selenium source code, but a high level technical overview would be nice. 6. In the weeds but: It would be nice if all WebDriver implementations could be asked to choose a random port on launch. I don't think the WebDriver spec covers this aspect, but why not ask.

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