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I'm assuming you're trying to run jquery? What do you expect to be bound to $ ?


The error is from the raw js not executing properly, not from anything etaoin is doing


(at least, that's what it looks like)


Basically, run it in the console first and see what gets spat back out


Or use etaoin's selectors to move the mouse over the element, rather than trigger it through jquery


Ah I saw the cross post. When you ran it in the console, did you do it through the automated browser?


Or through your usual browser?

Steve H15:12:05

Hello @U24QP2D4J, yes I'm trying to run jquery. Since the element I'm trying to interact with is invisible, I'm reading that using js/jquery is best. I tested the jQuery script inside the automated chrome browser. I guess my most important question is, does jQuery work with etaoin and if so, how can I execute a jQuery script using etaoin?

Joshua Suskalo15:12:01

@steveholt04 You might've missed this, but someone responded to you in #clojure explaining that the Chrome dev console binds $ to document.querySelector which would make it work "as expected" from the dev console even if you do not have jQuery installed in your website.

Steve H16:12:09

Gotcha, thanks @U5NCUG8NR

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