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Ok, as far as I can tell - the binary format in the new versions of espruino is slightly different


Instead of the size word, ffffffff, then .bootcde the new version wants the size word, .bootcde, zeros, then four words of zeros, then the code


I wish I could find it in the IDE source, but thats just comparing the binaries read off device from saved programs from the two versions


Also, I think I found why we couldn’t allocate more than 4M before, the menuconfig settings for the ESP32 was setup for 4M of flash. Changing that allowed me to build using their tools.


Your board has 16M, so it could really be pushed! You could fit spec on there hahaha


I’m talking to Mark Becker, one of the Espruino guys right now, trying to figure out a clean way of just increasing the flash.


Ahh, nice. Yeah, it feels like ClojureScript is pushing the boundaries of some of the targets that Espruino mainly caters to. But, it is worthwhile for them to build in that flexibility IMHO.


Yeah for sure. However, a lot of the forum posts relate to people trying to figure out how to make their program smaller as they are running out of space. More JsVars seems like generally it would be better


And the ESP32 is soooo cheap


Even the beefiest ones


I suppose you could argue that much of what was done for Esprit (at least insofar as Espruino goes) is this sort of stuff (reconfiguring it to allow us to take advantage of the full WROVER, in a sense)


To be honest, it feels like this is the future, ultimately. (MicroPython is starting to be more and more serious.) In 5 to 10 years, why would you really want to program a MCU in C, unless you are manufacturing so many that the costs work out?


Once I figure out this socket business, I plan on shipping a product with Esprit


And the development process with live-coding is simply divine


I mean, back in the 80s when I was learning BASIC, I think those computers were less capable than these MCUs. 🙂


Oh absolutely. I cut my teeth on an 6502 - still an amazing CPU imo haha