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@yogthos et al -- kickass project, y'all, thanks.


If it gets to the elmlang point, it'll be a massive win for everyone, and fix one of the worst that most drives newbies away.


Yeah I think collecting errors people actually run into is key


Will pass it along to everyone I know. Ran into it in the clj newsletter, btw (via Planet Clojure RSS feed).


Here’s another attempt at solving the same problem (in Scala), which takes the approach of having a website where folks can submit advice on particular errors (seems like a good approach to me, since it cuts friction to an absolute minimum. More up-front work, though, of course…). Also the name they chose is funny enough to be pretty memorable, and could certainly be stolen for clj/s simple_smile


There seems to be some tension between a) having a single exception in a catalog page (which can have multiple causes) and b) having a single exception with a single cause (meaning that there will be other pages with the same error). The documentation suggests b) to me, but the file naming convention people have settled on seems to be a file name describing the exception, suggesting a). @yogthos: @tolitius — is there a clear direction to go on that issue?


I think my preference would be to group things by the error message, and then have multiple causes for each


so I think I'm leaning towards a) here as well