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explain emacs undo to me

emacs-spin 22
Rupert (All Street)12:04:58

On a related note, I highly recommend emacs users install undo-tree package. Exploring undo visually with it can really help.


Undoing something is an action that can be undone. Each successive undo is appended to the end of the queue of actions. So the tree of possibilities are flattened out into a single sequence of edits. That way you don't lose any edits. You can always get back to any state you've previously got to. This is not true for the windows style undo/redo actions. Also, undo is region is a thing. So you can highlight a function and undo changes to only that function without affecting the rest of the buffer regardless of what order you edited the code in. This is great and I use it all day.... How did I do?