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jo in org ins't there a way to inline elisp, also inside source blocks? My goal is to achieve something like this:

#+begin_src elisp
  (defvar my-file-name "resources/foo.sql")

#+begin_src sql :tangle <my-file-name>

#+begin_src clojure
  (jdbc/execute.... <my-file-name>)
so something like an ad hoc substitution definition or something. Where I say subst with this string and further up I define the string


What's your question? I read twice, still can't decipher it. Are you trying to share results of evaluation of one source block with another?


that would be interesting, too ye.


initially I thought there must be a way to basically refer from any text in org to another block, like expanding the text. Or to basically expand elisp into text would also be interesting


IIRC, you can't refer to another source block verbatim. But I think I successfully fed an example block to a source block once. Using the same technique described by Kitchin.

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Drew Verlee21:08:06

i thought this was the main emacs thread, ignore those messages 🙂