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oxalorg (Mitesh)11:07:41

Thanks @otfrom for the tag, I'm maintaining a literate org configuration with Corgi here in I also have vertico and consult working with Corgi but it needs this PR to work: Also working on a video explaining this file and going through some more basics of corgi. :dancer:

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Benjamin C01:07:01

Thanks @U013MQC5YKD! An init file is exactly what I was planning to ask about (and in the future, will do upfront; thanks @U3X7174KS for the dont-ask-to-ask link!) I'm hoping to at some point have a complete dev setup with guix/corgi/clojure etc., but time is precious so every bit I don't have to figure out myself is much appreciated. 😄

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guix and use-package/corgi seem like a bit of a conflict to me. I've never really liked my OS managing my emacs packages for me.

Benjamin C17:07:07

Hmm, I haven't gotten that far yet; I was assuming I could still use use-package and just leave out emacs packages from guix, but I have no idea if that's possible or not.


You can. I think it is more of a design conflict than an implementation one