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Hum... I wonder why that is, spacemacs is just a bunch of packages, same as doom no. Does doom have like a testing of packages together before cutting a new "doom" release


I've used Spacemacs for many years and found it very stable, rarely had issues and most were fixed with a new package update or updating a config if a package API changed The only potential difference in stability between Spacesmacs and Doom Emacs I am aware of is the way they manage package updates. This makes sense as both configurations have the goal of making packages work well together. Spacemacs used Melpa as the package repository, so in effect you could get daily builds of any packages (not recommended), a few hours after changes are checked into their respective code repositories. You control when you update packages, so there is no need to update packages if they already do all you need. Doom Emacs chooses to pin packages to specific versions, so I assume those packages change very infrequently. So to get new features you need to unpin the package and specify a newer version (or I assume raise an issue to ask Doom to pin a newer version of the package). An Emacs package or occasionally an Emacs build is far more likely a source of an issue than either Spacemacs, Doom or Prelude.


Depending solely on melpa/melpa-stable opens the door of repeatability issues. Without pinning you are way more likely to hit bugs. Doom is way better in that respect but you can also just use straight.el directly (doom uses it) and get the same benefit


(I personally don't use Doom, just use-package+straight.el)


Oh, not a fan of pinning, I'm a compulsive updater of my packages, can't resist a new feature or a big fix haha

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Unless there's an easy, update all pinned deps to latest command?


There is yes


You call pull all packages to the latest version, try it and if you like it repin to that, or revert with another command


straight-pull-all and straight-freeze-versions iirc


Can't remember the revert function on the top of my head


straight.el uses git under wraps, right? you can "just' revert the history of a given package - I think it tracks that too (I have straight.el configured but don't use any features like that )


Yes, it uses melpa metadata but fetches what it can via git


The pin/lock file of straight basically contains git shas