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Can anyone help debug this issue I’m getting using clojure in Emacs/cider … When I run cider-find-dwim on a symbol for a dep I haven’t visited the definition of yet, I get prompts like this: > Directory ‘/Users/rick/.m2/repository/com/github/oliyh/martian/0.1.20/martian-0.1.20.jar:martian/’ does not exist; create? (y or n) n If I respond n a few times and then repeat the cider-find-dwim command it works. Any ideas what might be causing it?


Doesn't ring a bell, feel free to create an issue


I’m not convinced it’s cider that’s the problem


probably another package or piece of config

Nathan Rogers14:02:00

Hello, I mentioned in #beginners that since beginning the Clojure Applied book, I have encountered numerous Emacs crashes. This seems inexplicable as I never seem to encounter Emacs crashing. Does anyone have any information on known issues, or have others experienced similar behavior?

Benjamin14:02:45 it freezes this can help. Else the only real generic advice is to go from a minimal config and enable config/ packages 1 by 1


I've been using CIDER with Emacs commercially for many years and only ever experienced crashes an occasional nightly build of Emacs. As well as running the Emacs debugger, also try running the Emacs profiler. As suggested, try a minimalist config, or try Spacemacs, Doom or prelude community configurations (each of which support Clojure easily)


If helpful, this book documents how I use CIDER and Spacemacs for Clojure development and more general editing


could be the choice of emacs binary in question? emacsformacosx tends to the the most stable choice in Mac. Others can add extra tweaks which are nice but also a little more prone to weird issues


also could be arm vs intel if you're on mac