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Drew Verlee21:01:10

Is it possible to squash all my commits on a branch into one coomit then rebase using the rebase command entry point or is that two actions?

Drew Verlee21:01:34

i want this because in this case, i only want to resolve the conflicts between the branches once, not for each commit in the branch.


I think that would be two separate actions


squash first, then rebase


@drewverlee In the Magit rebase menu, there is an --autosquash option. I wonder if this does what you are looking for? Perhaps this is interesting

Drew Verlee22:01:58

it doesn't seem to

Drew Verlee22:01:13

i still get asked to resolve every single commit

Drew Verlee22:01:27

against the rebase target

Drew Verlee22:01:59

the magit rebase experience leaves a lot to be desired.

Drew Verlee22:01:29

e.g the 3 way merge panel can just get stuck in some buffer state where you want to save it but it gives you no clue how.

Drew Verlee22:01:50

oh im sure there is a way, the problem is the interface doesn't lead you at all. You can also order a pizza in the same place


@elle pulling you in here

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