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Ted Ciafardini19:01:38

Been messing with my emacs prelude configuration and trying to get clj-kondo as the main linter for clj cljs and cljc files- So far it is working in clj files, but with cljs I am seeing this in the flycheck logs:

Syntax checkers for buffer portfolio.cljs in clojurescript-mode:

First checker to run:

  lsp (explicitly selected)
    - may enable: yes
    - may run:    t

Checkers that could run if selected:

  clj-kondo-cljs  select
    - may enable: yes
    - may run:    t
    - executable: Found at /opt/homebrew/bin/clj-kondo
Does anyone know how to override this? I am still pretty new to emacs, and I think there’s a simple solution, I just don’t know it gratitude


Are you also using Clojure LSP by any chance?


Then you don't need to configure clj-kondo as that comes bundled with it

Ted Ciafardini20:01:07

lol sorry, been messing with this for hours and I got excited

Ted Ciafardini20:01:19

thanks, I’ll look into this *


Clj-kondo provides most of the linting in Clojure LSP and LSP also uses the analysis, so if you configure clj-kondo correctly LSP will also behave better

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Drew Verlee20:01:42

How do you develop on emacs itself? I would like to use emacs to debug emacs by say printing some state when i'm running a command e.g cider-jack-in-cljs can i do that with the emacs function message or sometthing that will dispaly output (maybe to the messages buffer)


yes, I use (message "---> %s") all the time 😅


there are emacs debugger but I never got it working correctly to me


my emacs dev workflow is usually changing functions and evaluating and checking results, similar to clojure but without a lsp

Drew Verlee20:01:46

@UKFSJSM38 i added my expression `(message "test") in the .el file and saved it. Then re-ran the command i'm sure it's in and didn't see the message in the *message buffer. What do i need to do to see it?

Drew Verlee20:01:02

Do i have to tell emacs to reload stuff?

Drew Verlee20:01:54

calling reload-file then calling the function shows the message.

Drew Verlee20:01:15

time to go add elisp to my resume

Drew Verlee20:01:27

my starting rate is 1000 moon dollars.

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Yes, I use , e e or , e d


Which is eval-defun I think

Drew Verlee20:01:02

thats nice, its the same hot keys as clojure.


Elisp is awesome!

Drew Verlee20:01:20

Yea. I have the time and motivation to get into it. I'm always curious when i see people going really deep into emacs to the point where it's a full layer ontop of there operating system.


Yeah, maybe some day I migrate from BSPWM to EXWM 🤞 😛

Drew Verlee21:01:46

@eric do you know of a good place to ask elisp questions? i don't want to overburden you or the clojure slack.


Doom's discord and emacs-lsp have channels for that which there usually people that help

Drew Verlee21:01:31

but they will discover i use spacemacs and ill be run out of town.

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Drew Verlee21:01:51

ill look into the emacs lsp channel.

Drew Verlee21:01:30

Is risky-local-variable something specific to emacs here:

;;; Jack-in dependencies injection
(defvar cider-jack-in-dependencies nil
  "List of dependencies where elements are lists of artifact name and version.")
(put 'cider-jack-in-dependencies 'risky-local-variable t)

Drew Verlee21:01:49

i need a way to quickly share the full context of the code i want to ask about

Drew Verlee21:01:08

if this was my clojure project i would do a git-commit and link it.

Drew Verlee21:01:42

on a meta level, i wounder how much time and money is lost trying to hide software that has little impact on a business IP.

Drew Verlee21:01:23

oh, risky-local-varable... is the value were putting.