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I recently got a new M1 MacBook and installed [email protected] on it. Almost everything seems to be working, except for some reason rgrep always returns no results. In the *grep* buffer, I can copy the command it used to search (`find [...] -exec grep ...`) and paste into the terminal and it works. I tried granting Emacs full disk access, thinking maybe it was a permissions error, but that didn’t work. Has anyone seen this?


Not sure about your issue, but back in the day when I used a mac my projectile (with grep I guess) didn't work, and I had to install the_silver_searcher through brew


I’ll give that a shot, thanks.


Thank you, although that didn’t fix it.


In the end, the issue seems to be Homebrew moving from /usr/local to /opt/homebrew. AFAICT I changed all references from the former to the latter, but doing ln -s /opt/homebrew/bin /usr/local/bin fixed the issue.


No *Errors*, nothing related in *Messages*