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It cranked gears for over a minute... I have patiently waited at first, but then I got impatient and hit Refresh. It kept doing something and then finally opened... VSCode.


you need to enable popup to open emacs in a new window It's not the final product, it's already incredible it's running fine on web :) Improvements will come in the future


oh, shit... it did open Dired. That's cool

David Pham07:10:52

Do you think they will open source this? 🙂


What exactly? The gitpod itself?

David Pham17:10:14

The emacs extension. I would love to have emacs in the browser from a ssh machine in some situation xD


it's open source already the extension:

David Pham05:10:25

How do you run it haha?


Oh you mean locally? yeah only via the docker images on the project or via gitpod, I can't see another way :/ Maybe you can open an issue to make clear those options?

David Pham13:10:00

Thanks :) I started the conversation. My use case is that I can’t get ssh into a machine but the other ports are open… so xD