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Do you have a project.clj (or equivalent)?


yeah, but it is private because belongs to the company I work for. I can share my user-level deps.edn though:

{ :deps {cider/cider-nrepl                          {:mvn/version "0.26.0"}
        refactor-nrepl/refactor-nrepl              {:mvn/version "2.5.1"}
        org.tcrawley/dynapath                      {:mvn/version "0.2.5"}
        com.cemerick/pomegranate                   {:mvn/version "0.4.0"}
        me.raynes/fs                               {:mvn/version "1.4.6"}}}
I need to connect to an existing repl, that is why I needed to install the extra dependencies myself


It’s also possible that your clojure mode is outdated. I believe that is what is aware of project roots and knowledge that shadow-cljs.edn is a project root is a more recent change