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Hey everyone 👋 while using Emacs, how can I avoid buffer files and specific Emacs’ files to be in my project folders? This is becoming a bit cumbersome as I see them and need to avoid them while using magit / git.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but you can set things up so that Git ignores those files in all projects:


What do you mean by "buffer files" and "specific Emacs' files"?


As an example, all this tilda files. I could certainly gitignore them but is there any better way of saving these files in a specific folder outside each project folder?


Are you using a pre-configured Emacs distribution similar to Doom/Prelude/Spacemacs etc. I am using Doom and this has never been a problem for me. I think Doom configures Emacs to put all extra files to a special directory and not in the current directory alongside your project files.


I’m not using any distro. I’m configuring Emacs from scratch to fit my needs. In the future I might use Doom but for now I think this is a great exercise. :thinking_face:


I know Doom handles this out-of-the-box (someone told me, not that I know by experience).


Oooh, that’s exactly what I need! Thanks @UJRDALZA5 🚀


This is such a great slack! People really enjoy to help. ❤️ Thanks all!

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