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Mostly in the interest of getting it into the clojurians slack archives: I prefer to have word motions in Clojure buffers treat hyphens/dashes as part of a word. For a while Timothy Pratley's solution ( did that for me, but starting in emacs 25 that stopped working (as described at I've been living with it for a long time, but finally found a solution. It turned out that subword-mode wasn't handling this properly, and for some reason was always on in my Clojure buffers. So in addition to using Timothy's solution,

(dolist (c (string-to-list ":_-?!#*"))
  (modify-syntax-entry c "w" emacs-lisp-mode-syntax-table))
I also added a hook to disable subword-mode in clj/s buffers:
(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook       (lambda () (global-subword-mode -1)))
I'm not especially skilled with emacs lisp, so if anyone has a cleaner solution I'd love to hear it.

Steven Katz17:04:05

Hi, im new to emacs…cider seems to be starting in a window at the bottom of emacs, it used to start to the right…any idea what changed and how I can change it back?


Try in #cider maybe

Linus Ericsson21:04:59

I used projectile to full-text-search filenames, which very, very convenient. A month or so ago it suddenly stopped working (after som upgrade or something). What do you use to like C-x f <write part of file name> enter to open it in emacs?

Rolfe Power21:04:23

I use (selectrum)[] to do the incremental search for files. However, I do use projectile with consult to do project file searching.

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counsel-find-file I like, it does fuzzy matching of file names and is quite fast


although I might have to take a look at selectrum now 🙂

hipster coder19:04:20

I keep my tools under version control... and do incremental changes... I can run git bisect to find when a commit introduced a bug

hipster coder19:04:03

that's one of the big advantages of text based tools like Vim, Emacs... opposed to compiling VS Code

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there’s the built-in project-find-file in Emacs 27.2 as well

sheepy 3

Linus what exactly stopped working in Projectile? There were definitely no material changes to the core functionality in a very long time. (I’m Projectile’s author)


For the record - these days I’m a selectrum user myself, having used before this ido and ivy.


I did remove ido as the default for Projectile which may have surprised a few people, as now if you don’t have any minibuffer completion package enabled you’ll have to press tab for the completion candidates.