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David Pham05:12:36

Someone over Twitter said that we could rewrite emacs in Clojure. I believe it is too extreme, but did anyone think of a library that could interact with babashka/clojure server for emacs feature? My idea is we could launch a babashka nrepl server [to avoid the starting time penalty?] having a few gluing function for emacs <-> babashka, and write the logic in Clojure.

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David Pham05:12:38

Distribution of package is a problem though, but we could have a clojar folder under /.emacs.d.

David Pham08:12:39

Maybe this is what I am thinking about :)


There was deuce, but it halted due to licensing issues:

David Pham13:12:37

I quickly clomacs and babashka, and thanks to the nrepl server the experience is quite good: launch a bb script that read the deps edn and import the libraries and set the classpath, and launch the nrepl server, connect with cider and clomacs will send the string arguments a problem.

David Pham13:12:48

It is really cool, you can just write all your data manipulation in clojure now 🙂