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Hey I'm finally migrating from IDEA, however there is one feature I am kind of missing so far in CIDER and I'm trying to reproduce it. I want to bind the evaluation of code snippets in the REPL to keys - been using that a lot for system setup stuff. I've found cider-read-and-eval so far which seems to go in the right direction, but I thought I'd ask if there's something already implemented before I start digging into elisp


That seems to be about it, yup. I'll give it a try one of these days. The whole namespace thing with the registers solution is still a nuisance. That's actually part of the IDEA feature I was talking about, it let's you specify the namespace to evaluate the code in and that's rather crucial for the system setup stuff I have in mind (i.e. starting/restarting states, reloading hugsql files etc.). I guess it would be fairly easy to write some code to wrap a form to be sent to the repl so it's evaluated in the proper ns and the repl ns restored consequently, but the way I imagine it right now seems rather weird. Then again, no experience working with either nrepl or cider on that level, so maybe it's not even that bad. I haven't really dabbled with Elisp so far, so it might take me some time to understand the cider eval namespace properly. By then you guys might have already thrown something together, if not I'd be happy to contribute.


also: should smartparens-strict-mode work in yasnippet?