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Hey guys, I've started using doom-emacs' clojure module and Ive noticed that when editing text that has a warning/error there's a noticeable stutter for whatever stuff I type. Anyone else get this?


Unless you give us some details, I'm afraid no one will be able to help you. - What kind of warning/errors you're talking about? - Have you tried disabling flycheck-mode? - Check M-x describe-major mode and see what minor modes are enabled, maybe copy-paste the list here, or take a snapshot. Perhaps we'd be able to guess which one is causing the problem. - Do you know how to use the profiler? type C-h i g elisp g profiling RET


Thanks and youre right. I'll give more details when I get home


You may get more help on the doom discord community.


You are probably having issues with clojure-lsp anlyser using clj-kondo, make sure you are using latest clojure-lsp version