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@bozhidar Thanks for the hint! I see this issue which explains the problem: The project where completion was working was using an older version of shadow-cljs, before 2.10.+.

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I switched to an older version of shadow-cljs and now completion works great

Eric Ihli21:07:35

How would I find out what is causing a long string to be showing up truncated with an ellipses at the end?

(package! clj-refactor :pin "92d372393a031e5fa73ef926447afe72b574cb45")
Is showing up as
(package! clj-refactor :pin "92d372393a...")
The text is all there. It's just a display thing. How would I go about figuring out why and how to change it?


I'm guessing you're running doom-emacs? Because that's where I came across this issue. 🙂 It's actually a piece of custom elisp in doom-emacs specific to font-locking a package pin:

Eric Ihli22:07:32

How in the world did you figure that out?

Eric Ihli21:07:01

Only thing I see in describe-mode that might be related is global-so-long-mode but toggling the mode off didn't change anything.